Davor B. Vincze

Composer Art Director


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Laibach Concerto

for marimba, percussion, chamber string orchestra & electronics

Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, Ivana Bilić & Barbara Kresnik
Laibach concerto is a piece about deterioration and death. In its multiple instances of perpetual descending lamento, the audience is exposed to a world which is slowly dying, all the while observing its gradual decay. The word Laibach is an old Germanic name for Ljubljana. It shares its name with the avant-grade Slovenian rock band from the 80', and also contains the name of the late composer J.S. Bach. The band was an inspiration for various foreign material quotation and recontextualization techniques, while Bach's Brandenburg concerto No.6 was the material that was manipulated and repurposed using algorithms. Thus baroque perpetuum mobile gets alienated from its original context and given a new perspective. It becomes an artifact of the times gone by, which we look back upon with a sentiment of nostalgia..

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concerto for 1/4-tone accordion and ensemble

Klangforum Wien & Krassimir Sterev
What is the difference between plagiarism and quotation? Is it 2 notes, 3 notes? One bar? An atmosphere? Virtual reality enables information flow in an unexpected way and with tremendous speed, so it is sometimes hard to tell who was the first to launch the idea. Many creatives break under the tons of information junk which they swa​llow every day on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, until they finally even stop pretending to be original, openly admitting they had been "inspired" by somebody else.

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4 Miniatures

for 3 voices & harpsichord

Based on Jérémie C. Wenger's text, this piece tells a depersonalized short story of an unknown person to his/her lover. From a daily ritual, the singing gets into obsession and ends with a frenetic laughter.

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Inflection Point

mixed ensemble & electronics

Ensemble Modern
Inflection point is a mathematical term which describes a point on a curve where it switches from being concave to being convex or the other way around. Sometimes we're stunned by sudden turn of events; were they really so unexpected, or were there signs along the way that we simply ignored?

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Oltre il Conflitto

for flute, bassoon, violin & violoncello

Ensemble Intercontemporain
We tend to be mesmerized by shocking pictures of suffering and destruction, greedily swallowing the biased story that media sells. How is it then possible to stay objective and find out the truth behind the conflict?

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Betes de Sexe

for tuba & electronics

Tancrède Cymerman
People fall in and out of love all the time, don't they? -Every 3 years or so… I just read it in the paper. -I wonder how they manage it? -I know it's true because I see them. But they look so convinced every time. And then suddenly they don't look convinced. But they get convinced all over… I wonder if they're as convinced the 2nd or the 3rd time or the 4th time… -More each time… Most of all the last time. -I suppose so. Most of all the last time…

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Break up Make up Break up

for flute, oboe, piano, violoncello & contra-bass

Pre-art soloists
Break-up/Make up/Break-up is a short summary of the turbulent history of my homeland and its surroundings.

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for wind orchestra

Grazer Bläser VielHarmonie
Blackout is a process in which I try to bring the object from the darkness into the light, but very slowly and carefully, so that the public can observe all its sides and facets.The object is presented with different light expositions, sometimes bright like the sunlight, sometimes gloomy like the blackout.

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Atargatis II

for soprano & violin

Amandine Trenc & Melise Mellinger
Atargatis was once a powerful Syrian priestess who fell in love with a shepherd-boy and became pregnant. Intent on ending this unwanted pregnancy, Atargatis fled into the sea to drown herself, but instead she became a mermaid. This piece is inspired by the whales, who communicate by singing onto far distances, without ever knowing weather someone and who will receive their information. I used this semantics to talk about difficulties of expressing our wishes, emotions and needs. That is why I found string instruments - sensitive and powerful at the same - ideal for explaining the problems of open communication.

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Finnish Pleasantry III

for piano trio

Nostri Temporis
Finnish Pleasantry is a piano trio in three movements each characterized by a special playing technique: glissando, echo and trill. Each technique is put in its extreme so that the listener can focus on the details in the special music pictures that arise from it. The name of the movements are day, twilight & night.

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